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Ambient Advertising

As we all know ads depends more on budget and the targeted audience. There are many ways in ad campaigns to reach the target customers and their own set of parameters to focus on. Pay per click and some news paper adverts would be one way to target the customers with low budget. TV and Radio would give us the best reach, but we have to incur some extra cost. Outdoor advertising is yet another way of advertising. We have got loads of new formats in outdoor ads such as transport and billboards, ambient etc ever before.

Ambient Media phrase appear to be started in British-media jargon about four years ago. As of now in the advertising industry, it is identified to be a resolutely evolved as standard term. It is the name given to a new type of out-of-home products and services determined by some as Alternative or Non-Traditional Media. These Ambient media ads would be used alone or in the combination of other traditional ads. Choosing the best media available and delivering the effective message would be the success tool for ambient media campaign.

Ambient Advertising is an area that Clever AA specialises in, both in product and placement. Our outdoor advertising mediums enable us to place key messages closer to people in an outdoor environment than any traditional billboard or advertising.

Outdoor advertising signage can be erected anywhere, providing a strong impact for your business. You are now able to target specific age groups and demographics in your chosen location with confidence. Ambient advertising with Clever AA can be used to leverage and enhance sporting sponsorship campaigns, branding initiatives, store launches, guerrilla advertising and will also compliment a mass media campaign.

When conducting an Ambient Advertising campaign with Clever advertising agency you will receive a complete service that includes set-up, monitoring, removal, power if required, daily maintenance and cleaning, reporting with associated campaign photographs and public liability insurance.


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