Clever advertising agency is a full service advertising and marketing agency. We pride ourselves on matching the right marketing strategy and advertising campaign to get you the measurable results you're looking for.

Clever advertising agency has the knowledge and experience to ensure that key areas for development and growth for ongoing success of your business are identified and implemented.

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Design services

Brands are made up of a jumble of values, attributes and experiences. Design is the physical embodiment of these qualities. Logos, collateral, store design, it's imperative that your brand attributes are communicated in a consistent, visually stimulating way. Our Design team can do just that. Using visual cues, we create shorthand for your brand promise, so that every experience your consumer has is on message, memorable and impactful. Decades of research has shown that brands with a consistent design strategy are rewarded with increased consumer preference. In short, design isn't just a pretty package, but it improves your bottom line.

Our areas of expertise include:

Corporate Identity Design

Your company’s corporate identity is no greater than the sum of its parts. Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, presentation folders - they all say so much about your company. Corporate identity can also be interpreted as the brand image. Your company image has a personality and we intend to showcase it in the best possible light. Every advertisement or piece of collateral should be thought of as a contribution to the overall identity of your company and its brand. By consistently projecting the same image year after year, your company will gain strength and add integrity to the brand. This is difficult to achieve but Clever advertising agency has the means and know-how to get it done.

Logo Design

A logo design is a professional, graphic representation of your company and its identity. Clever advertising agency knows that your company's logo design should appear on every business card, letter, memo, sign, vehicle, web site, etc., that bears your company's name. Such an important element should be designed by professionals. The “look” and “feel” of the brand is largely dependent on the success of the logo design itself in today’s market. Should your logo have an icon or should it be textual? Will it have 2 colours or 1? Should it be representative or abstract in design? The designers at Clever AA have the experience and talent needed to develop a logo design that puts your company's best foot forward.

Stationary Design

Clever advertising agency knows professional stationary design will be the key element to your company's advertising. It's what we do. In today’s consumer-driven society having professional stationary for your business is a must. Personalized business cards, letterhead and envelopes give your company that professional look that is necessary to stay afloat. Keep in mind that your stationary speaks on behalf of your company before you’ll ever get a chance to. Let us help you give your business the look it deserves.

Presentation Folder Design

Presentation folders from Clever advertising agency are a fantastic advertising tool because they embody all of the other branding mediums such as brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc. Whether you’re at a trade show, or giving a presentation to a potential customer, a presentation folder displays your company to the world. You know your company is great, now is the time to show everyone else. A great feature of the presentation folder is that the information stored in the folder can be updated often without having to redo the presentation folder. Your company information (fact sheets, business cards, corporate literature, sales sheets, etc) will always look professional contained in this neat and elegant folder.


Illustrations are an excellent aesthetic choice that can really accentuate your advertisement and/or branding campaign. Clever advertising agency designs original illustrations that can be used to create mascots, concept drawings and print advertisements. Illustrations give your business an original marketing option that stands out above the rest. Our illustrators are experienced and talented. We know not only what has a great look, but what will help you keep up your ROI (Return on Investments) in the process.

Catalogue Design

Great catalogue design service from Clever advertising agency is a simple choice! Catalogues display your products to your target market and as such, they should be both professional and inviting. Choosing the right design for your catalogue can make all the difference in the success of your product. Even people who have no previous knowledge of your business are likely to flip through your catalogue if it is accessible and well designed. Our design team can create expert catalogue design samples for you to choose from, providing you with a catalogue for your business that you’ll be proud of and that will inspire your customers to choose your products over the competition. We’ll even take the time to discuss your goals with you and help you figure out the best plan for distributing your catalogues.

Brochure Design

Brochure design from Clever advertising agency is a popular advertising service because of its dynamic ability to do anything! From simple tri-folds to elaborate corporate presentations, Clever AA is here to design and produce your company brochure. We will develop the message, write the copy, design the layout, create the mock-up, print the first draft, and oversee final printing. The key to a good presentation piece is that it not only looks great but that it actually functions. Would you give a potential customer a cheap folder where the slightest nudge sends its contents to the floor? Of course not. You'll have a brochure you can be proud of, in no time.

Pamphlet Design

A pamphlet design offers your business a simplified version of a brochure. We at Clever advertising agency can help you design a great professional pamphlet. Although it is not as versatile, it still provides information to your customers in a user-friendly manner. The key to an effective pamphlet is keeping your information (content) simple and having a design that is striking and professional. Pamphlets should be something that customers find informative and attractive enough to share with friends and family, increasing your customer base.

Flyer Design

Flyer Design from Clever advertising agency is always a great way to give your growing business a fresh advertising tool. Although not as versatile as brochures, flyers offer businesses some creative exposure and are always a great marketing tool. Flyers are easy to pass out to clients and business partners alike. Providing information and promotions to your customers in a unique way will keep your brand fresh in their mind and serve to increase your ROI (Return on Investments). Flyer designs are a quick and efficient way to keep in touch with your customers and promote your business with style. We have the know-how to not only design your business’ flyer, but also to give you advice on how to best market your flyers.

Postcard Design

Postcard design is an easy and effective way to advertise your company. Clever advertising agency asks the big questions: Is your business moving? Are you offering a special promotion to your current client base? A postcard is a great way to keep in touch with your customers in a personal, yet professional manner. Postcards don’t offer a lot of room to overwhelm your customers with too much information, instead they offer your customers a non-threatening reminder that your business truly cares about them. Our design team can provide you with a postcard that represents your business as well as sends a friendly message. Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t a bill, and postcards are a great way to get your business some positive attention.

Poster Design

Posters are often large and should always be attention-grabbing. At Clever advertising agency, we can design posters to match your advertising campaign and help brand your business. They have to express everything your company wishes to inform its customers (or potential customers) about in a mere seconds glance. This is no easy task. Attention grabbing and exciting posters require extensive research, an impeccable design and good ‘ole hard work. With our marketing expertise and design team we can create a poster for your business that will speak to your client’s needs as well as being an effective representation of your company.

Newsletter Design

A newsletter design with a great, original design can increase positive advertising to your business and bring in new customers. Clever advertising agency can design the perfect newsletter for your business. Newsletters are the best way to stay in touch with your perspective and current clients while promoting new products and services. We will manage every aspect of your communications, from the conception to the delivery. We'll do everything necessary to get a professional newsletter out where you want it - in your prospects' hands.

Annual Report design

Clever advertising agency can design your annual reports so that your business has a unique and professional look! An Annual Report Design can be a necessity in the business world. This doesn’t mean they have to be generic and boring. It is possible to display pertinent information in a clear and interesting manner. Annual Reports need two specific factors in order to be truly efficient: a great design and interesting copy. Our design team can structure your annual report to give it a design and a feeling all its own. We also have a talented copywriting team who can write your report for you or use your current points and/or past reports to fashion something new. Add professionalism and quality to your annual report with our Annual Report Design!

Manuals design

Manual design is an important advertising tool. Effectively designed manuals make everything easier for your customers. Clever AA knows that customers may not always understand your product nearly as well as you think they will. This is where having an easy-to-understand manual comes into play. Providing diagrams and giving simple, concise directions can make all the difference to a customer and will ensure they are consistently choosing your business over your competitors. The design of a manual requires research as well as a design that isn’t too flashy or distracting. Our copywriting department and design team will work together to ensure your manual is both creative and customer friendly.

Label Design

Here at Clever advertising agency, we know that a good label design can add a professional touch to your products. Whether your product is a bottle of wine or a package of thumbtacks, having professional labels gives your product that extra edge and reassures your customers that you are a serious and professional organization. Customers are more likely to purchase your product if it looks like you have a reliable and original company. Our designers can use your brand/logo to create a personalized label that represents your products and business. A catchy label will become embedded in the memory of your customers and will keep them coming back for more.

Packaging Design

Packaging design should be an important key to your advertising campaign. At Clever advertising agency, we know that, like anything, it is going to take some creative thinking to fashion a product package that will entice customers to purchase what you’re selling. Packaging is very similar to label design, but requires a little more work. The designs not only have to be stimulating to customers, but also have to be easy to print. This requires a lot of creative thinking as well as a thorough knowledge of the industry. Let our design team come up with a packaging design that will impress your customers and display your company as creative, innovative and professional.

Trade show display Design

Clever advertising agency can design your business an effective exhibit display. There’s nothing worse than attending a trade show and seeing a business with a poorly designed exhibit display. The exhibit display design sends a message to your customers before you’ll ever get the chance to speak with them. You’ll have mere seconds to either get them interested or drive them away. Customers are drawn to exhibit displays that have the right look and offer them something original. What will your exhibit display design say about your business? Our design team is experienced and creative. We have the marketing background to understand what design is necessary to attract customers. We will offer your business samples to choose from to give your business the look you need.

Web Design & Development

In today's internet dominated world, a successful business must have an effective web presence. Clever advertising agency can produce WC3 compliant web sites utilizing CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Streaming Video and Search Engine Optimization. With Clever AA, the "look" of your web site will be fully consistent with all of your other forms of advertising, which is extremely important for brand name recognition.
Further information you can get visiting our website www.clever-web.com.ua

Flash Animation

Flash animation is a fantastic way to add an interactive and creative element to your web site. People always respond well to visual stimuli. As such, Flash Animation has become an interesting and popular tool to add to your branding campaign. It is interactive and eye-catching. Whether it is an interactive banner ad or an animated logo, using your brand and adding an interactive edge will bring in new customers and impress your current ones. Add a little pizzazz to your website, email signatures, CD-ROMs and so much more with this creative option.

3D Product Modeling, Animation and Multimedia

3D Product Modeling, Animation and Multimedia: motion graphics grab attention in-store or at trade shows, on CD or online. Multimedia demonstrates new products, highlight company functions, sales events, create innovative invitations, and more.
Using multimedia presentation of your product or company will definitely make it more attractive and unique. Whether it's a flash intro or Flash multimedia, it provides you with a way to add dynamics to your website and make your presentation more specific to your business. FutureVision uses the newest tools in Flash and multimedia design to create powerful and persuasive experiences that will maximize your exposure and enhance your messages. With experts in this field we can significantly reinforce the impressions that your presentation creates.
We have experience creating Flash multimedia presentations for companies as promotional pieces or for new products that are being introduced. If you have a product or company that you want to demonstrate, a multimedia presentation is an effective way to present it.

Other Designs

Clever advertising agency can create any other design that you need for your advertising campaign. Have something else that interests you? We can help you design virtually anything else you may need/want. Whether its tee shirts, pens, rulers, stickers, banners, etc., we’d love to help you design something original and fun. Give us a call or send an email and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options.