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Subway Advertising

Metro (subway) provides a unique opportunity to reach the out-of-home market. Subway advertising penetrates 90% of the daily population and makes multiple impressions all over the region, throughout business districts, residential areas, and tourist attractions. Subway ads are unique in that they have a captive for 30 minutes or more and that people are exposed to them everybody for a month. Advertising in the metro provides an opportunity to target business executives, federal employees, students, and tourists. Clever advertising agency provides all ad formats in metro in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk.

Scheme of the Kiev Metro Scheme of the Kharkov Metro Scheme of the Dnipropetrovsk Metro

Subway Advertising is available in a variety of formats and sizes, including:

  • Platform displays
  • Car interiors
  • Brand trains & stations
  • Floor graphics
  • Station pillars
  • Flags
  • Escalator boards
  • Light boxes
  • Backlights and others

Брендирование подвижного состава метро

Брендирование станций

Путевые стены

Эскалаторные своды

Лайтбоксы на станциях и бэклайты

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