Clever advertising agency is a full service advertising and marketing agency. We pride ourselves on matching the right marketing strategy and advertising campaign to get you the measurable results you're looking for.

Clever advertising agency has the knowledge and experience to ensure that key areas for development and growth for ongoing success of your business are identified and implemented.

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Advertising Production

Advertising production is where your company's vision combines with our advertising capabilities. Clever advertising agency produces all forms of print media for your business. If your marketing strategy calls for a direct mail campaign, traditional newspaper ads, brochures, print and digital outdoor billboards, non-traditional media, or all of the above, we can produce it, on time and on budget.

Video & Radio Production

Clever advertising agency boasts a team of experienced and talented audio & video experts, utilizing the latest in audio/video capture technology and editing to create the best in high quality radio commercials, voiceovers, music, corporate videos, broadcast TV, legal depositions, presentations, weddings, parties, and sporting event videos.

Web Design & Development

In today's internet dominated world, a successful business must have an effective web presence. Clever advertising agency can produce WC3 compliant web sites utilizing CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Streaming Video and Search Engine Optimization. With Clever AA, the "look" of your web site will be fully consistent with all of your other forms of advertising, which is extremely important for brand name recognition.
Further information you can get visiting our website www.clever-web.com.ua

Flash Animation

Flash animation is a fantastic way to add an interactive and creative element to your web site. People always respond well to visual stimuli. As such, Flash Animation has become an interesting and popular tool to add to your branding campaign. It is interactive and eye-catching. Whether it is an interactive banner ad or an animated logo, using your brand and adding an interactive edge will bring in new customers and impress your current ones. Add a little pizzazz to your website, email signatures, CD-ROMs and so much more with this creative option.

3D Product Modeling, Animation and Multimedia

3D Product Modeling, Animation and Multimedia: motion graphics grab attention in-store or at trade shows, on CD or online. Multimedia demonstrates new products, highlight company functions, sales events, create innovative invitations, and more.
Using multimedia presentation of your product or company will definitely make it more attractive and unique. Whether it's a flash intro or Flash multimedia, it provides you with a way to add dynamics to your website and make your presentation more specific to your business. FutureVision uses the newest tools in Flash and multimedia design to create powerful and persuasive experiences that will maximize your exposure and enhance your messages. With experts in this field we can significantly reinforce the impressions that your presentation creates.
We have experience creating Flash multimedia presentations for companies as promotional pieces or for new products that are being introduced. If you have a product or company that you want to demonstrate, a multimedia presentation is an effective way to present it.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

If you already have your customers in the same general area where your product or service is located, point of purchase advertising can make all the difference for your ROI (Return on Investments). It’s all about strategy! Keeping your customers aware of your product/services’ availability will keep them choosing you over your competitor. Through point of purchase design we offer you an efficient way to keep your brand in the minds of your customers. We will walk you through the process, help to research the most effective locations for your point of purchase advertising and come up with strategies of how best to implement your advertising ideas. POS materials and displays are indispensable tools for promoting goods where consumers make purchasing decisions. Located inside and in the parking area of shopping malls and supermarkets, POS advertising comes in a variety of forms including shopping cart panels, aisle and checkout displays, shelf mounted displays, and floor graphics.

Signs and Banners

Clever advertising agency is a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We can develop any kind of sign or banner you require. We specialize in both indoor and outdoor signs and roll up banners and can also develop all the art, imagery and copy.
Our services include car signage, billboards, roll up banners, stand up banners, and point of sale. Whatever you require, our team at Clever AA will work with you to provide exceptional signage for your business.