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Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is a great value that gives a high visibility with a consistent daily audience. It’s economical and instantly effective without wasted circulation. Buses, taxis and metro trains are three types of vehicles often employed in moving (transit) medium advertising.

Advertisements on our routes will be viewed by faculty, staff, students, parents and more. As buses slowly cruise city streets, your message can be seen by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on this large transit media. Our routes coincide with highly populated areas, ensuring all ads get the maximum exposure for a minimum price.

A variety of bus displays are available including side panels, tail wraps and displays, and interior bus panels.  Also see transit shelters and bus benches for the stationary street-level displays at bus waiting areas.

Key Features:

  • This exciting and effective media concept will place your company message into the heart of the community.
  • Prime, high traffic advertising locations are available including interior and exterior displays. A wide range of products to suit your budget from traditional format to rear windows, half wraps and fully wrapped buses.
  • Your company message will be like a moving billboard reaching potential clients.

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