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Viral marketing

Have you heard the word "viral marketing"? It is not the typical virus that can damage systems or files. Though it seems like a virus that is spreading in the business world. Viral Marketing is making its name to almost every business organization present in one country. Viral Marketing is a great marketing trend that circulates by pushing different marketing messages to associates and business acquaintances. Through this way, the market exposure of a certain business will lead to growth outburst.

Viral Marketing is also known as Marketing through word-of-mouth. This kind of advertising has a very influential way in building a business. With the use of the internet in viral marketing, it shows the results more quickly. There are many online businesses that are trying to form or look for economical ways in advertising their products and services, and they got the answer by using Viral Marketing.

If a Viral message is well designed, it can become very contagious and affect the emotions of recipients and, above all, fulfils its marketing goals. Viral campaigns employ many communication tools, including video materials, games and animations, which – due to their amusing, intriguing or provocative nature – provide motivation to recommend the campaign.
The power of recommendation is one of our most effective tools. We create simple and customised messages that inspire and encourage interacting.

Clever AA uses Viral messages as a tool to build involvement and transfer it to a specific website. Such message can also become part of a range campaign which uses typical ATL tools. We recommend using buzz marketing and amplifying (based on, among others, distributing announcements and active participation in forums and blogs) as complementary activities in virus campaigns.

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